Murder Bunny Mischief

DATE: 2021-07-17
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Black Diamond
FNGs: Winston
• SSH x 25
• Mountain climbers x 15
• Cherry Pickers x 15
• Two laps around black top – Alabama ass kickers & Karaoke on the sides • Willie Mays Hayes x 10
• Imperial Walkers x 15
• Hill Billies x 15
• Windmills x 15

Grab a Coupon and Mosey to the field.
• 10 yd Murder bunnies (MB)
• 10 blockies/10 yd MB
• 20 overhead press/10 yd MB
• 30 curls/10 yd MB
• 40 squats/10 yd MB
• 50 merkins/50 yd MB to start

Soccer – 2 burpees if the ball goes out of bounds, 10 LBCs for every goal

• Rodeo Flutters x 10 each way
• Reverse Crunches x 15
• Little Baby Crunches x 15
• Leg Lift Rosalitas x 15
• Dying Cockroach x 15
• Big Boy Sit Ups (Coupon) x 15

Harpers Ferry Ruck & Float (6a – 1p) Next Saturday July 24
Bring your raft and lifevest and shoes that can get wet. Early Sat. morning ruck + river tube excursion July 24th).

COT: Q-Source Quadrant 2: Live Right: To Live Right requires self-sacrifice
Because Purpose is outside of oneself, living Purposefully requires self-sacrifice. A man who Commits to Purpose abandons service to himself because he finds that he cannot serve two masters. Get Right was Quadrant 1 in Q-Source. But a man who has not yet gotten Right, whose boat is still capsized in the river, can only serve himself because he is consumed with his own survival. Treading water and fighting the current, he will have nothing left for anyone else. Stuck in his Status Quo, he cannot have IMPACT on others.

But that changes with the choice to be a High Impact Man (HIM) who just wears the mask of making a difference. Once a man chooses and if he keeps choosing it every day, he begins to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and move towards proper personal alignment. Ultimately, he becomes Right by living Right, fulfilling the role that he was designed to play solving problems he was uniquely born to solve.

A man who has gotten Right is no longer expending most of his energy to merely survive. As his personal Guardrails increase in strength through the building of positive Habits, he finds himself gradually thinking less about his own Existential Continuity and more about what Purpose and problems he was designed for and how he can be a Servant to those around him. At this point, he has started to Live Third, which is to consistently and deliberately place oneself behind Creator and Community.

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