GigaBob Games_Day 3 Backblast

DATE: 2021-07-16
AO: Loco
Q: Refueler
PAX: Gigawatt, Bolt, Brisket, Bobcat, Scranton, Hoff, Pre, Boone, Madonna, Shute, CrotchRocket, Beaver Nugget, Gilligan FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Willie Mays Hayes, Cherry Pickers
THE THANG: GigaBob Games 2021 Day 3! Five Event competition between the Red and Black Teams (7 Pax Each). Event 1 – Coupon Salute (Win -Black Team), Event 2 – Chariots of Fire Pax Pull (Win – Red Team), Event 3 – Jug Lug (Win – Red Team), Event 4 – Razor Scooter Track Race (Win – Black Team), Event 5 – 6 inch foot hold in flutter kick position (Win – Black Team…Shute @ 11mins30Seconds!). MARY: None – the 6 inches foot hold in flutter kick position was enough. ANNOUNCEMENTS:
COT: What are you “preaching” to yourself? We are the predominant voice in our heads….the question is whether we are “preaching” to ourselves the right message. In Christ, we have hope and our eternal security is held firm in His grip. This alone, for the believer and follower of Jesus, should dominate our message to ourselves and shape our daily walk. We are not alone, we are children of The King and we can walk in confidence each and every day knowing our feet our firmly planted in Him!

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