Breaking the Curse

DATE: 2021-07-16
AO: Sparta
Q: swish
PAX: Nano, Zeus, El Niño, Rambler, I-Beam, Yard Sale
FNGs: Lupin, Bambi, Bluegrass
WARMUP: Ricky Bobby (w/ high knees, side shuffles)
THE THANG: Game of Pickle. 5v5. 3 rounds. most scores wins. switched every time a team got 3 outs. Goal was to just sprint around the bases, without getting caught, rack up as many scores as possible. If you get out, you do 5 burpees before you can come back and run the bases.
After we had some fun, we transitioned to a Ring of Fire, style beatdown, which included burpees, bear crawls, planks, glees, bonnie blairs, Merkins, and Body weight squats. MARY: LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Olympus Anniversary tomm at LBSS. Zeus Major Payne running Fine at Fifty plus one. Rafting trip next weekend. COT: Grateful for FNGs, closed with prayer.

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