Organized Chaos

DATE: 2021-07-08
AO: Olympus
Q: Rambler
PAX: swish, Hightower, Joint Chief, slider, Zeus
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Cherry Pickers, Baby Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Seated Stretch, Down Dog
THE THANG: Round 1 – Two Teams of 3 starting at NW corner of field. Team 1 start with Bear Crawl / Coupon Drag across goal line and then up to 50 yd line. Team 2 fireline toss from Goal line to other goal line, across goal line, meet Team 1 @ 50yd. Reverse roles. Meet at SW corner of the field. Round 2 – 3 teams of 2. Sequence 1. PAX 1 conducts overhead press from one end of goal to the other and back. PAX 2 does Burpee until their return. Sequence 2. PAX 1 and PAX 2 work to other end of goal by tossing flour bags to each other. 1st PAX advances 4 large jumps to receive tossed bag. 2nd PAX advances 4 large jumps past 1st PAX to receive tossed flour bag. Team advances across goal area and back. Sequence 3. Entire Group does Bunny Murder (Reverse MB) to 1/2 point of goal. Returns to start with Murder Bunny. Round 3. All PAX run up /down one set of stadium steps and complete 20 merkins. Rinse/repeat 3x. Round 4: Multiple Choice. Return to end of field. PAX may choose team fire line return of 3 flour bags around field OR complete 1 burpee every 5 yards. MARY: LBC (x46), Squat/Jump (x20)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Old Town Kickoff on 7/10 @5AM
COT: 20 years ago this week had a life altering event with a seizure followed by diagnosis for brain cancer (5 good years tops) based on initial scans. Surgery 5 days later yielded benign results and limited degradation of left foot function. Bottom Line: So grateful for my life – all that is provided to me – for being able to get up and out every day to engage in the world – to breath air and move my body. Be grateful, be kind, be present to the people in your life. It is short and can change in an instant. Thank you to this group for being a great force in my life and for my family.

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