Sprint and Return

DATE: 2021-07-10
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: Cheese Poof (DR PAX)
WarmUp: Copperhead Squats, Don Quixote, Beet Pickers, LBAC with leg raised, Michael Phelps, and 500m Mosey.

The Thang:
3 rounds of:
100m Sprint
10 Burpees
25m Bear Crawl
20 Merkins
25m Lunge Walk
30 Air Squats
25m Standing Long Jumps
40 LBCs
25m Crab Walks

Take breaks doing the following:
Resistance Band (RB) Lunges
RB Bent Over Rows
RB Curls

Mary: Supermans, Penguin Crunches, Side Crunches, Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Frogs, and American Hammers.

Man is not happier with total freedom. Sitting around with nothing to do is not freedom. Freedom is not an absence of bondage, but the choice of what bonds a man accepts and shapes his life in accordance with.

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