Tour around Leesburg!

DATE: 2021-07-09
AO: Burg
Q: MicroChip
PAX: Flame, Bail, Shute, Supertramp
FNGs: None
Warm Up: Various movements w/ a Failure to Launch across Common Area!

Stop 1: Parking Garage
• 10 Dry Docks
• Bernie Sanders up one level
• 5 Double Merkin Burpees
• Jog Down
• Repeat 5 times

Stop 2: Find Benches
• 15 Split Suats Right
• 15 Split Squats Left
• 10 Derkins
• Repeat 3 times

Stop 3: Lap around the block back to the Town Hall!

Mary: Ring of Fire
• PAX Plank shoulder tap
• 15 Mnt climbers
• PAX Hold squat
• 10 American hammers
• PAX Flutter kicks
• 10 Wide arm merkins
• PAX Hold crab walk w/ Rockette flair (Crabettes)
• 20 Fairy SSHs
• PAX Elbow plank
• 20 Calf raises

– Prep work to begin for Sept. 11 stair climb. Bring your ruck gear. – The Burg launch, 23 July (coming up quick)

COT: F3 Reach and Nairobi – talking about the reach of F3 as a nation.

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