American Exceptionalism

DATE: 2021-07-02
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Bone, CableGuy, Booking, Short Sale, Fish Fry, Wedding Singer, Lazlo FNGs: None
COUNT: Eight Strong
SSH; LBACs; Michael Phelps; Cherry Pickers; Rockettes; Down Dog; Cobra Kai; Merkins; Moroccan Night Clubs. 400 m Mosey.

The PAX split into pairs, then ran around a series of cones marking the outline of an AMERICAN flag on the Patriot field. PAX performed 10x (IC) exercises at each cone, including: CB Squat Thrusters; CB Atlas Shrugs; CB Swings; Magellans (with CB); BWS; Alternating Shoulder Taps; Mountain Climbers; Merkins; and Carolina Dry Docks. Repeat for 30 minutes.

While performing these exercises, the PAX listened to a fantastic playlist of patriotic songs. They performed a “Happy-Birthday-AMERICA” burpee each time one of the following words was sung: “AMERICA;” “AMERICAN;” “USA;” “GOD;” “COUNTRY;” “FREEDOM;” or “FREE.” Playlist included: “God Bless the USA (I’m proud to be an American);” “R.O.C.K. in the USA;” “Born in the USA;” “America the Beautiful;” “Living in America;” “Made in America;” and “Ain’t that America.”

After returning their CBs, the PAX sang our national anthem. While performing a balls-to-the-wall handstand.

17 Flutter Kicks; 76 LBCs

In preparing for this Q, YHC listened to a lot of music about AMERICA. Much of it focused on familiar themes — family; particular places/towns; and the burdens borne by our military. But another theme emerged — the ideals of fairness, freedom, and openness to which our country aspires. As you enjoy this Fourth of July Weekend with friends and family, consider how you can work to bring these aspirations to reality in our community. Happy Birthday, America.

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