Cooling with Mater

DATE: 2021-07-02
AO: Loco
Q: Mater
PAX: Banjo (WV), Ape, Flame, Supertramp, Bail
FNGs: Melon, Scalps, Kia
WARMUP: 5 Burpees / Cherry Pickers x 12 / 5 Burpees / M.Phelps x 12 / Calf Stretch / 10 Burpees / Empire x 12 / WVs x 12

Block Run (1/3 of mile)
10 Burpees
10 Coupon Curls
10 Box Jumps
10 Burpees

MARY: To the song Flower by Moby – Leg Lift Challenge. Keep legs up the whole time. Go Up when up is called, down when down is called. If your legs hit the group Penalty 2 x Burpees


COT: Burpees Suck, but there is plenty of people the wish they could do it. In F3 Lowcountry (SC) there is a founding member COACH K that wishes he could be at an F3 workout. He has cancer and is about to start chemo. He has to take a break from working out while he fights cancer. F3 Lowcountry is doing 25 burpees a day in his honor and while they may suck just remember he wishes he was doing them with you right now.

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