PS&M Beauty for Ashes, permanently opposed forces

DATE: 2021-06-29
AO: Loco
Q: Dial-tone
PAX: Mutombo, Shute
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Joint by joint top to bottom, mossy-sprint-mossy-sprint around the soccer field, Don Quixote, Cherry Pickers, Up-Down Dog

THE THANG: Down head, shoulder stretch, Torso twist, kneeled knee stretching, basic animal position, bear-crawl-stretch, crawl-bear-stretching, falling bear-crawl, crawl-bear jump, fence torso twist.

MARY: Intentional pickel pointers, side plank up and down both sides.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: I invite PS&M regular practitioners to feel free to start Q-ing on Tuesdays. Next step, arrange a Q sign up sheet for that (consult Refueler)

COT:Beauty for ashes: the permanent opposition between a fallen world and the real hope of an eternal life can be sometimes hurting or heavy, however like two forces in different direction (AKA “isometrics”) is a situation God uses to make us stronger in faith.

… you give me beauty for ashes And you pull me close to your heart You have turned mourning to dancing… That’s what you do That’s who you are Brand new eyes, brand new hands You have wiped away my past Brand new day, brand new life You have pulled me from the lies
I’m no longer what I used to be I am stronger, because you live in me The old is gone, the new has come I’m alive!

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