Motown Pacers

DATE: 2021-06-28
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: sticks
PAX: 3 mile, lojack, Old Bay
FNGs: kombucha, ClevelandRocks, attache
WARMUP: Warm up lap, Downward Dog, UpDog, Cherry pickers, Triangles THE THANG:
Pair up with a partner. Partner either goes the length of the soccer field with the first exercise while partner does second exercise. Switch it up. 1) Farmers Carry, Mercans
2) Murder Bunnies, Overhead Press
3) Rifleman’s Carry, Kettlebell Swings
4) Bear Crawl, Seal Claps
5) Sprint, Burpees
Cool Down Lap
MARY: Mighty Thors, 6″, LBC’s
COT: Constant misfortune brings this one blessing: to whom it always assails, it eventually fortifies. -Seneca

Waking up early and grinding through exercises is misfortune but it fortifies our physical and mental fitness.

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