Great artists steal

DATE: 2021-06-29
AO: General
Q: citrus
PAX: Lazlo, Trolley, Toolbox, Traveler, citrus, 2 percent, DPR FNGs: Feedback
WARMUP: SSH, hillbillies, IW, merkins, Cherry pickers, WMH, down dog, dive bombers

THE THANG: Directly stolen from @MySpace. Line up on the goal line. Bonus coupons thanks to construction at the General! In order, each PAX adds a 5-rep exercise to a growing ladder. Run between PAX, increasing by 10 yards each round. The 1st round was just the 1st exercise, followed by a 10 yard run and back. The 5th round was the first 5 exercises and run to the 50 and back. Etc. Exercises were: KB swings
Shoulder press
Air squats
Waiter Curls
Monkey humpers

Fellowship lap

REPEAT, reversing the order of the PAX choosing the exercises: Squat thrusters
Dead bugs
HR merkins
BB sit-ups
Block dips
Flutter kicks
Bonnie Blairs

200 yard run

MARY: 100 LBCs, since we had a lot of Mary in round 2

ANNOUNCEMENTS: None, because YHC forgot to ask.

COT: Don’t be hesitant to try something just because you haven’t done it before. Pick up a Q and borrow/steal liberally from others. YHC did.

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