Bring a Friend

AO: The Patriot

The PAX: Bodett, Elvis, Jag, Jenner, Lazlo, Mayberry, Three Mile, Wedding Singer

The Q: Lucius

The Warm-Up:
SSH; 50-yard Mosey; LBACs (fore and aft); 50-yard Mosey; Rockettes; 50-yard Downward Dog; Cobra Kai; 50-yard Mosey; Moroccan Nigh Clubs; 400-yard Mosey

The Thang:

PAX paired up, then took turns performing five different coupon carries: CB Farmer’s Carry; CB Rifle Carry; 40-lb Sandbag Run; Bear Crawl with 3-Gallon Water Jug; 50-lb Sandbag Clean and Toss. The PAX raced each other, turning around when the first PAX reached 70 yards.

When not carrying coupons, each PAX performed rest exercises: Merkins, Overhead Claps; Air Press; Lunge Steps; Carolina Dry Docks; BWS; Typewriter Merkins; Calf Raises; etc.

Repeat 3x.

The Mary:
Flutter Kicks; LBCs

The COT:

As we welcome the warmer temperatures and longer days of Spring, it is a great time to encourage friends and neighbors to join us in the gloom. Find someone who needs F3 (even if he doesn’t know he needs F3) and invite him to a beatdown. And reach out to those who have not been with us in a while.

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