Summer Prep

AO: PatriotQIC: Fish Fry
PAX: 9 Pax prepped for the summer Murph with some Cindy. Cable Guy, Wedding Singer, Lazlo, Bone, Brown Bag, Elvis, Lucius, and one more

Warm up: SSH, LBACs, Michael Phelps, Lunges into hip flexor into pigeon stretch, merkins, Mosey around the track

The Thang: As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter. Since we typically do Murph on Memorial Day, followed by 7 days of recovery, today’s workout was some early prep to get us ready. We did 20 mins of Cindy. AMRAP of sets of 5 pull ups with Big Boi’s while on deck, 10 merkins with reverse planks until pull up pacers signaled rotate, 15 squats followed by arm presses.

Mary: 2 mins of suspension of flutter kicks, heels to heaven, freddie mercury’s, box cutters.

COT: The value of preparation. Closing prayer.

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