A compound circuit

AO: Compound

QIC: Nano

The PAX: Hightower, Roddick, Yard Sale, Monk, Zeus

WarmUp: SSH, Don Quixote, Good Mornings, WMH, Downdogs, Cobra Kai.

The Thang: The PAX worked through a circuit of 5 exercises including:

– Thrusters/Triceps extension (30lb dumbbell)

– curls (25 lb dumbbells)

– perfect push-up + one are row (15 lb dumbbells)

– murder bunnies / blockies (cinderblocks).

Between exercises the PAX either bear crawled lunge walked except for the last station with ended with a run around the compound back to the start.

MARY: Workes in some flutterkicks and LBCs before ending with the monthly challenge from the day before which was donkey kicks bad dogs and merkins.

COT: The Stoics recognized that desire was insatiable. Once you achieve something you find that the satisfaction is momentary and quickly you move on to the next goal. This can lead to unhappiness or a land lack of fulfillment. To counter act this the Stoics would find ways to want what they already had. You envision someone not being in your life or not possessing some thing. Even better, you can put yourself into difficult situations with limited resources that you must over come. What ever it is, the goal is to experience life without something for a short while so that you find genuine appreciation for having it in your life.

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