Burpees and Fun for 2021

AO: Patriot
QIC: Roadkill
The PAX: Elvis, Wedding Singer, Fuzz, Flipper, Lazlo, Lucius, Surely, Cable Guy, Spokes, Fish Fry WarmUp: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, WMH, lap around the track.
The Thang: 10 Burpees, 21 reps from each arm-leg-stomach group, 10 Burpees, another 21 reps from each group, run a lap, REPEAT. 21 rep exercises included:
ARMS: ‘Merkins, Curls with coupon, Spiderman ‘Merkins, Atlas with coupon, Shoulder press with coupon, Kettle swings with coupon
LEGS: Coupon Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Body Weight Squats, Apollo Onos, Jump Squats, Lunge in place with coupon
STOMACH: LBCs, Big Boy Sit Ups, USA’s – spell with your legs, Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercury, Reverse Crunch, Leg Lifts
COT: From a CS Lewis Screwtape Letters quote page 156 that while we uphold our responsibilities to family, work and otherwise, also seek to include the wonder, whimsy, and joy of youth in our daily lives.
BONUS: Elvis led 20 bonus Burpees to cap off at 100 and a 1K odd total for the day for Patriot

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