BOMBS, the People’s Circle and Livin’ the Dream

AO: Horizon
QIC: 3 mile
PAX: @Lightspeed, @Magoo, @Disco, @Kodiak, @Mayberry, @Sticks, @Derail, @Kombucha, @ Attache
* WarmUp: SSH, LB Arm Circles, WM Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Down Dog, Updog
The Thang:
*Mosey around the field
* BOMBS (Pax broke into groups of 2, one PAX ran across the field while other PAX exercised)* Burpees – 50
* Overhead Claps – 100
* Merkins – 150
* Big Boy situps (we did LBCs) – 200
* Squats – 250
* People’s Circle (each PAX led the group in their favorite exercise; default was 10 burpees)
* mtn climbers *15 IC, merkins (dealer’s choice) *30 ; squats * 50 monkey humpers, american hammers * 15 IC; burpees * 5, jump squats * 20, flutter kicks, LBCs
* CoT – livin’ the dream; though it may not seem like it, we’re living the dream. it may not be our dream but, for billions of people, it would be a dream to have our lives and, yes, our problems. also, in 10 years, we may look back on our current lives and think how amazing it was, the things we could do physically, like F3 … i sometimes think about the freedom i had 10 years ago to sit on a couch, watch TV all day and order take-out 🙂 reflect on that and be grateful for everything we have right now and realize that we are living the dream.

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