The Bricklayer’s Convention

AO: Olympus

QIC: Nano

The PAX: Yard Sale, Pop Fly, Hightower, Slyder, Wham-O, Zeus

WarmUp: SSH, Cherry Pickers, Hillbillies, Good Mornings, WMH, CB crossover merkins, CB mountain climbers.

The Thang: With the PAX warm and ready to go they lined up in the parking lot, cinder block in tow. An exercise was called out and the PAX would begin at the Same time. After 2-5 reps, the first man in line would do murder bunnies 5 yards out and continue with the exercise. As soon as he returned, the next man would follow, until everyone made it 5 yards. The process repeated 7x, for 7 different exercises, and for each, the next PAX in line was the first to move.

The exercises included (All with CBs):
1. Curls
2. Calf raises
3. Shoulder Presses
4. Kettle bell swings
5. Air squats
6. Cross over merkins
7. Reverse lunges

At this point it was time to start laying some brick. The PAX lined up down the parking lot with a CB on each side. The man at the end of the line swung his block man, and ran to the front of the line, where he would begin receiving blocks and passing them on. This continued for about 100 yards, until they ran into the fence.

The return trip began with a 20 yd bear-crawl cinder block drag. This was followed by 20 goblet squats IC.

Dying for more, the PAX performed crossover push-up CB drag (moving sides ways) for 10 yards, with 180 def rotation halfway through. This was followed by 25 CB calf raises IC.

The next 40 yards was forward lunge, followed by 20 CB curls.

The final push consisted of all PAX holding plank on their CB. The first man completed 2 merkins then murder bunny for 5 yards, followed by a sprint to the start (5 yd) and back (5yd), then the next PAX went. This was done again, but the sprint was 10yrds.

Mary: Short and simple: Cinderblock flutter kicks IC 25. And from the IPC, leg raises of the cinderblocks.

COT: A nice story from my daughter’s Stoic practices… From the manly book challenge BOTM (book of the month), the author emphasizes a common theme among the Stoics that:

“…If any external thing causing you distress, it’s not the thing itself that troubles you, but your own judgement about it.”

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been saying this to my kids as they become upset with school, or more often, their sibling.

Well it seems like this message was received by my daughter. She was asked in class to evaluate the following statement: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Most of her classmates said it’s wrong and names can cause someone to be hurt mentally. That’s when my daughter chimed in (via chat during her virtual schooling) and said it’s right because “the words can actually hurt you, it’s what you think about the words that makes you upset.” Many classmates still disagreed but she stood her ground and in the end a few of her friends started to agree with her.

The point of this is actually two fold. First, this is a great concept and can really help you stay relaxed especially when lots of things are coming at you. You don’t need to respond, you have the choice to judge things how you want and get upset if you want, you have the full control. Second, our kids (in this case a 9 year old) is able to learn concepts like this and turn around and apply them right away. Be the one to feed your kids minds with empowering ideas to help them grow and develop. If it isn’t you, then who will?

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