On Mary With Coupons

AO: #horizon-ao

QIC: @Brown Bag / @Magoo

The PAX: 9 strong

WarmUp: Side Straddle Hop, High Kick, Body Weight Squat with Hold, Merkins

The Thang: Bear crawl to On Mary With Coupons. 20 reps OYO then drop to Mary; last to complete reps calls “On Mary!”; Q calls cadence to release; Mosey to next station.
Exercise pairs:

  • Squat Press / Plank,
  • Traveling Merkins/Dead Bug;
  • Single Leg Deadlifts/Hollow Body Hold;
  • KettleBell Swing/Freddy Mercurys;
  • Coupon Jump-overs/Shoulder Tap;
  • Bent-over Rows/Mountain Climber.
  • Rifle Carry Coupons to next station for extra credit!

Mary: 100 LBCs; Superman’s with flutter kicks

COT: Life is short and rare. Make the most of it. Grab the low hanging fruit of knowledge and experience. Crush it. Squeeze out every drop.

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