FriYAY Coupons and Comic Superheroes

AO: LoCoQIC/YHC: Rikers
The Pax: Refueler, Boone, Gigawatt, Dial-tone, Microchip, Empire, Silver, Hoff, Brisket, The Hoff, Pre, Bolt, FNG- (Chris- “Beast”), & YHC
Warm-up: Hairy Rockettes x20 IC, Hillbilly Walkers x 20 IC(?), Batwings (Batman) arm circles front x20 IC-back x20 IC- seal claps x20 IC- overhead claps x20 IC
The Thang:
Flora 1-2-3 with Coupon (total reps between partners) and Partner up (size and speed does not matter)
100 reps- Derkins off coupon P1, Derkin plank off coupon (flapjack)
200 reps- LBC with Coupon P1, Leg raise over coupon P2 (flapjack)
300 reps- Goblet/coupon squats P1, Goblet/coupon squat hold P2 (flapjack)
Superheroes (OYO)- Wolverines x5, Spider-Man crawl 5 parking spaces, Aquaman (swimming on belly) x15; intentional add-on: Down Unders x15, Coupon swings x15
Rinse and repeat until Mary
Mary (OYO):Pickle pointers x25, Thor (1:4 ratio BB sit-up with American Hammer), Heels to Heaven x25, Superman x25, Pickle pointers x25, Toy soldiers x 50
COT/ Naked Moleskin: Reminder of F3 and impact on us and the proximity of influence (43ft lead ahead) we have a men to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders in our community. The gloom makes us better for those in or proximity of influence every day.
Take out by Pre
YHC enjoyed the pain lab of creativity developing this workout. The addition CMUs as a coupon created an element of appreciation of our ability. I may have over shot my runway but I think the PAX will feel the muscle appreciation. Always a pleasure and a blessing to lead a group of men to push each other to be better.

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