A-Dora-Bull Q-School at Horizon!

AO: Horizon
QIC: Maj Payne & 3-Mile

The PAX: Magoo, Infinity, Grease Monkey, Peek-a-boo, Boomer, Sticks, Kodiak, Disco, Rebar, FNG Kombucha, Attache

Lucky 13 PAX gathered for an A-Dora-Bull Q-School and Humpday beatdown at the Horizon where a brief review of the mission, core principles and "how to count" occurred. It was one day post-election day, but alas no answers on the National scale — only positive vibes coming from the solidarity in the gloom! The following is mostly a true story about what occurred!

Quick introductions and an explanation of the disclaimer preceded the beatdown. Nicknames build camaraderie and esprit-de-corps, plus they’re just so much easier to remember. And who doesn’t love hearing a fellow PAX shouting your F3 name across Harris Teeter? The PAX also learned about the disclaimer: I’m not a professional, you’re here at your own risk, I will provide some recommended exercises this morning, you should push yourself and do the best you can, but modify as necessary. Most importantly, do not hurt yourself! You will not ever be left behind, and we need to keep strengthening the PAX as a whole. You are ALL part of the PAX as you spend your early morning outside here with us in the gloom!

WarmUp: 10 x SSH, 10 x IW, 10 x Cherry Pickers, 10 x WMH, 10 x BWS. Then MAgoo led the PAX in a lot of merkins, maybe 20. Well done brother! And Sticks followed up with 10 x Mountain Climbers.

Between exercises, the PAX learned about the F3 mission: Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men to invigorate male community leadership. They also learned about the 5 core principles: Open to all men, Free, Always outside – rain, shine, heat or cold, Peer-led and ends in a Circle of Trust.

Enough of WU and on 3-Mile to Q the Thang!

The Thang: Modified Dora

100 x Merkins, 200 x BWS, 300 x LBC; PAX 1 runs, PAX 2 exercises, complete the total as a team — ok, that’s fairly normal. The "3-Mile special" is the addition of 20 x burpees as a team during transition from Merkins to BWS to LBCs to Dora completion.

Next, YHC led the PAX on a quick lap around the AO area, with a Bear Crawl, Lunge walk gauntlet, switching exercises at each tree along 36th St. N. until all reached the Discovery stairs. Head back to the soccer field for Mary.

Mary: Kodiak led the PAX through LBCs, 3-Mile to Flutter Kicks, Sticks led Mountain Climbers and Rebar led Supermans!

COT: There’s a lot going on in our country right now, with the national elections and the surrounding chaos. But that’s just an election to decide our President, and we also have Congress and a Judicial system at the national level. Day-to-day, they have little impact on our lives. We have state representatives and local ones too. Most importantly, we have leaders like all of us out here in the gloom! And this is where leadership starts! We need more leaders in our communities. It is up to us to be out here to make ourselves stronger — more fit to lead. Then it’s up to us to spread that leadership to our families — our Ms and 2.0s. Then as we go out into our communities, we must continue to practice leadership so that it spreads to our workplaces and wherever else we can influence. Our country is still the best in the world, and we must work every day to keep it there, through our gratitude, determination and good will.


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