Follow The Leader

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Jenner and Lucius

THE PAX: Bone; Choo Choo; Citrus; Coconuts; Fish Fry; Flipper; Lazlo; Maguire; Speedo; Surely; Wedding Singer

THE WARM-UP: SSH; Cherry Pickers; LBACs (fore and back); Rockettes; Downward Dog; Cobra; Morrocan Night Clubs; 15 ( or 50) yd high knees; 15 yd butt kickers


Bear-i-Cides: Bear Crawl 10 yards; 1x Burpee; Crawl Bear 10 yards; Perform rest exercise and pick up the six; Repeat for 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-yard distances. Rest exercises included: BWS, Overhead Clap; Air Press; BWS; and Plank.

Follow the Leader: Mosey over to the playground outer fence for a set of follow-the-leader activities. Each activity was marked off by two cones set 6 ft apart for a social distance buffer. PAX comes across a cone and when it’s clear, they hop to the 2nd cone and perform a burpee. Activities included : Hill descent, hill climb, lunges, side merkin walk to the left, crab walk, side merkin walk to the right, 20 box jumps, side lunge right, side lunge left, climb up and slide down, 30 toe taps.

THE MARY: Run 80% speed back for a quick Mary where Speedo led American Twists.

THE COT: Sometimes, you don’t get to choose your leader. Others choose them for you. You just need to do you best to accept it. We don’t know who won the election yet, but be prepared to follow your leader.

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