10/28/2020 Horizon Back Blast: “Crazy Game of Poker”

AO: Horizon

QIC: Mayberry

The PAX: Disco, Creedence, 3 Mile, Rebar, Sunshine, Grease Monkey, Moto, Infinity, Elvis, Attaché, Magoo, Brown Bag, Kodiak, and YHC met up in the Gloom for a rousing game of cards. Major Payne was also there in spirit, and possibly watching from his house while warm and snug in the sack.

WarmUp: SSHs, IWs, IBACs, Pumpkin Pickers, Willie Mays Hayeses (sp?)

The Thang: The PAX moseyed around the soccer field, grabbed a coupon, and gathered in a circle mid-field where an extra-special deck of cards awaited them. Each PAX in turn selected a card, then led the others in an exercise corresponding to the card’s suit and number, and on around until the deck was finished. Surprise bonuses included several PAX adding more reps than indicated on their card, dealer’s choice joker burpees, and certain cards instructing the holder to disclose information to the group such as things that make them proud or asking them to make the group laugh.

Mary: LBCs, Supermans

COT: We’re often told we need to make the best of the hand we are dealt. This is certainly true in all aspects of life, but is a decidedly positive thing – encouraging us to take charge where needed, expect the unexpected, and modify the best-laid plans if necessary. As fate would have it, these lessons were on full display today when YHC had to modify the Q because our record turnout exceeded the number of available coupons, and I’m sure the PAX did not expect when they arrived in the Gloom that they would be asked to lead several exercises. But even as we barrel through the day, often pulled in several directions, we need to remind ourselves to try to make someone laugh, pay a compliment, remember what makes us proud, or make time for hobbies. Only then can we play the best hand we have.

Brandon D. Almond
troutman pepper
Direct: 202.274.2864 | Mobile: 540.460.8324 | Internal: 12-2864

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