Traveling Traveler

AO: The General

QIC: Traveler

The PAX:

Fridge, Fairweather, Jenner, Lucius, JAG, Southpaw, 3 Mile, Trolley, Elvis

Warm Up:

SSH, LBAC, Imperial Walkers

Line up at goal line:

Side shuffle to 20. 10 Merkins. Side shuffle other direction to 40. 10 Merkins. Skip for height for 20 yards. 10 Merkins. Butt kicks for 20 yards. 10 Merkins. High knees for 20 yards.

100 yard run back to the original goal line.

The Thang:

Army Physical Readiness Test: PAX Completed 2 of the 3 tests that the US Army uses to determine the minimum fitness requirements for its soldiers.

2 minute AMRAP of push-ups

2 minute AMRAP of sit-ups

Bataan Death March around the AO:

Indian run (single file mosey), where the “6” stops to do 8 jump lunges (single count) and then sprints to the front of the line. The new “6” then stops to do 8 jump lunges and sprints to the front.

Every 2 intersections, the PAX stop for two, 45 second AMRAP exercises. Exercise #1 is chosen by the leader (PAX in front when they reach the intersection) and Exercise #2 is always burpees.

Four stops in total – Rounds of leader-chosen exercises included (Body-weight squats, One-Legged Agility Hops, American Hammer, Planks)




Making time for self-reflection is essential for being intentional about our development as men. Whether that’s through journaling, prayer, or meditation, we need to re-orient ourselves and have regular check-ins. Unless we specifically make time for it, we can become prisoners of the moment and let other people or the shiny thing in front of us fill our time. Let’s each carve out definitive time for reflection each week.

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