168 Hours

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Lucius and Lazlo

The PAX: Bone; Cable Guy; Choo Choo; Citrus; Elvis; Infinity; Grease Monkey; Maj. Payne; Mayberry; Road Kill; Slap Shot; Sticks; Sunshine; Three Mile; Wedding Singer; X-Ray (FNG)

WARM UP: SSH; Windmills; LB Arm Circles; Downward Dog; Moroccan Night Clubs; Mosey (w/ 75 meters of butt-kickers).


24-7s: PAX lined up on field (on the numbers), performed 24 reps of an exercise; ran 35 yards across field (to numbers on opposite side), performed 7 burpees; ran back; and regrouped. They did this 7 times (one for each day of the week). 24-rep exercises included: Merkins; Lunge Steps (IC); Dry Docks; Body Weight Squats; Peter Parkers; Squat Jumps, and Air Presses. Body Weight Squat rest exercise to pick up the six. PAX completed 490 yards of running, 49 burpees, and 168 exercise repetitions.

Long Walk: PAX carried cinderblock around the perimeter of football field via either Overhead Carry or One-Arm Farmer carry. PAX performed 10 Squat Thrusters, Curls, or CB Swings at each corner (PAX’s choice). Every time a PAX put down his block down or changed carry position (not at a corner), he performed 5 Merkins. Repeat until complete.

THE MARY: Flutter Kicks; LBCs


First thought: They say the days are long, but the years short. Each day seems to stretch forever, but months, or even years, pass quickly. YHC has found this truth amplified by working at home during COVID-19 office and school shutdowns. To combat this slide, remember that each day, and each week, contains many hours. We get 168 hours a week—like the 168 repetitions we performed this Gloom. Consider how you want to spend your 168 hours this week. Then execute.

Second thought: In developing this Gloom’s workout, YHC consider several alternatives that would either crowd PAX together or require excessive switching of cinderblocks between PAX. Concerned about safety, YHC reached out to PAX for advice. This led to a stronger, safer beat-down. Many thanks to Maj. Payne, Sunshine, and Lazlo for helping put it together. Don’t forget to lean on your support system in these challenging times.

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