Group Dynamics

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Lucius


Bone; Brown Bag; JAG; Jenner; Lazlo; Maj. Payne; Mayberry; Prenup; Shark Week; TÏesto; Sunshine


SSH; Mosey; Imperial Walkers; Mosey; LBACs; Mosey; LBACs; Mosey; Moroccan Nightclubs; Mosey; Cherry Pickers; Merkins; Downward Dog; 1x Burpee


Station-to-Station: The PAX split into four-man teams, then moved through exercise stations, including:  2 x Over-the-Fence Sandbag Clean and Toss;  1 x CB Farmer’s Carry; 1 x Overhead CB Carry; 1 x Balls-to-the-Wall challenge; 1 x Build-an-8-Count (5 x Merkins; 5 x Plank Jacks; 5 x BWS; 5 x 8-count Body Builders); 2 x Sandbag Pull-Thru; 4 x Four Flights of CB Carry.  All exercises performed with a smile on the PAX’s faces.

Bear-i-Cides:  The PAX assembled on the goal line for a 150-yard bear-crawl suicide,  bear crawling to the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lines, running back to the goal line, then performing a convergence rest exercise to pick up the six.  Rest exercises included 10x BWS, Plank Jacks, Merkins, Al Gores, Plank.


Round-Robin Abs including Flutter Kicks; Speed Bike; Toy Soldiers; LBCs; & MLBCs (More LBCs)


Today’s exercises emphasized moving as a team and picking up the six.  We finished what we started as a group, leaving no man behind.  As we enter the holiday season, do not forget to support, motivate, and check in with your friends, family, and F3 brothers.

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