November 28, 2019

AO: #thehighlands


The PAX: @Maj. Payne; @Toolbox

Warm-Up Appetizers: Side-Straddle Hops; Inchworm Merkins; Imperial Walkers; Hands Release Merkins; Windmills; Diamond Merkins; Cherry Pickers; Wide Merkins; Seal Claps; and Carolina Dry Docks.

The Thang Main Course: After the appetizers, the PAX moseyed to the field to enjoy some T.U.R.K.E.Y.  This consisted of generous portions of Turkish Get Ups, Up Downs, Russian Twists, Knerkins, (Mt.) Everests, and Y-Holds (Supermans with the arms held out in a Y-position), with midfield sprints in between as palate cleaners.  The PAX were thankful.

The PAX then got an early start on Black Friday by moseying to the Pentagon City mall to enjoy the side dishes that Toolbox and Maj. Payne brought to share.  The PAX had just finished the Major’s freshly-prepared Merkin Mountain when the mall’s security force arrive to defend the hallowed grounds.  Words were exchanged.

Okay, one guard asked us to leave.  Discretion being the better part of valor, the PAX complied with the guard’s request and wished her a Happy Thanksgiving.  We returned to the field for

Mary Dessert: flutterkicks, speedbike and WWIs.

COT:  As we give thanks for the blessings in our lives later today, let us not overlook that we are also blessed with the opportunity to have a positive impact on others.

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