Fall Sprint Classic

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX:   Apollo; Bambino; Bone; Elvis; JAG; Jenner; Lazlo; Maj. Payne; Ozark (FNG); Poe; Pocket Chicken (DR from Nashville TN); Shark Week; Sticks (aka “Styx”?); Three Mile; Two Percent; Villa

Seventeen PAX celebrated the arrival of cold weather with some spirited SSH warm up, followed by a sprint workout on the (mean) streets of Arlington and the Patriot track.  DR PAX Pocket Chicken and FNG Ozark (recruited mid-workout!) joined in the fun.  Here’s what we did:

WARM UP:  SSH; Cherry Pickers; SSH; Downward Dog; Merkins; Six-Count Seal Clap Squats; LBACs


Route 66: PAX ran between light poles, performing Six-Count Seal Clap Squats at each.  PAX performed 1 rep at the first pole, then added one a rep at each interval until reaching 11.  Total of 66 Six-Count Seal Clap Squats (6-CSCSs ?).

3/4 Mile AMRAP Challenge:  PAX split into teams, then sprinted between exercise stations, spaced 200 meters apart, each team relieving the preceding team.  Stations included AMRAP of: Merkins; Carolina Dry Docks; Plank Jacks; Lion-king squat thrusts (with cinderblock); Cinderblock Curls; Cinderblock Overhead Lunges. The PAX completed ¾ mile of sprints and six exercise stations.

THE MARY:   Flutter Kicks; Box Cutters

COT:  Today’s exercises emphasized forward motion.  As you go through your day, think about what in your life needs a push forward.  Then push it.

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