F3 The Love Train Rolls Out Of The Station

F3 The Love Train rolled out of the Vienna Train Station this morning at 0630 with Bone, JAG and YHC. We ran down the W&OD Trail for just over 3 miles and turned around.

Among the many conversation topics, Bone had the brilliant idea of forming an F3 The Capital team for the BRR 2020 (that’s Blue Ridge Relay). I ran it in 2016 & 2018 with some of my F3 Gastonia brothers, and they remain some of my closest F3 friends. Half-way through it in 2016, we all decided it was a stupid idea, we’re 1 & done, and never to return. Moods changed as we crossed the finished line, and within two hours we were all signed up for the next one.

So what do you say F3 The Capital? Are there 12 worthy men to run through the NC mountains next September?

Coffeeteria: After the run we walked to Cafe Amouri to continue the conversation. There we met a family with a newborn and two parents trying to figure out to restart their workout routine. I hope we’ll see the dad soon!



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