Welcome Home

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: 3-Mile, 2 Percent, Horsepunch, Lucius, Subprime, Tea Party, Prenup, Jag, Jenner, Apollo, Fish Fry

Twelve PAX gathered in the slightly muggy Monday morning gloom at The Patriot for a welcome back beatdown from YHC. The following was crafted from a F3 Churham Big Kat-led beatdown.

1 lap around
15 x SSH/ 15 x IW/10 x WMH/10 x Perfect (slow) Merkins/ 10 x Perfect Burpee IC

Grinder Time:
Width of Field, 3 person teams, one on each side line and a runner, 2 minutes per set of exercises. Exercises were as follows:
Carolina Dry Docks —– Jump Lunges
Jump Squats —– Mt Climbers
Hand Release Merkins —– Shoulder Tap Plank
Flutters —– WW2s

To the baseball field:
One PAX every 5-10 seconds. PAX in wait assume the plank. Traveling Burpees to first base -> Bear Crawl to second base -> Broad Jump to third base then run to home plate for 20 Merkins. Then run the field perimeter. Repeat. Plank it out when complete.

Back to the Field:
Karaoke along baseline, run to half, karaoke across, backward run to baseline (always facing opposite goal)
Next , same idea, but penalty box with side Gorilla across, Gorilla forward, Gorilla back across and backward Gorilla back to baseline. *Much tougher than expected.


Mosey back to the start for a quick Mary – 50 x LBC


It’s great to be back from vacation where I had the fortune of traveling to Oregon.  It’s a beautiful country, but when smoke from fires clouded the sky, it took away the fresh air that we often take for granted. The lesson is that we shouldn’t take what we have for granted. We’re blessed to have this morning in the gloom together. We’re blessed to have each other. Remember that and go out into the world and do everything you can to make it a better place for others.



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