Return of Samara

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Hightower

PAX:  HT, Lucius, Moonshine, 2 %, Bone, DrD, Sunshine, Poe, Lamar, Jag, FNG: 3-Mile


30 cadence SSH, Good morning, windmill stretches, downward dog, calf stretch, to up dog to sit twists, followed by 20 mericans.

The Thang:

Fellowship jog over to basketball court, where Samara waiting for us. PAX split into 2 groups. First group flip across court, then back again, then sledgehammer Samara, while extra guy slam ball 25# and squat thrusts 20# ball. While second group casualty carry & carry sand bag around school alternating positions. Then groups switched stations to Rinse & Repeat.

With time winding down YHC adjusted the plan for some group bear crawls. Staying in 2 groups, each PAX bear crawled to center of basketball court to drag coupon to other end. Then second group followed behind picking up any spare coupons. After 2 rounds of group bear crawls, all PAX jogged back to field.


PAX knocked out 20 cadence flutter kicks and 50 LBC’s


Reminder to open CSUAP channel for 9/11 stair details.

New post for new regional shirts, order closes 8/13.

Prayers that all PAX traveling on vacation stay safe.

Welcome Lamar just moves up from NC.

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