Building a Wall

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Dr. Dandelion, Subprime, Prenup, Lazlo, Bandit, Lucius, Poe, Hightower, Buffet, 90210, FNG Moonwalk, Jenner, Bone, and Noodle

15 PAX posted in the freezing gloom this Friday, which marked the longest government shutdown in history. It’s been a tough go for many in the F3Capital region, with many either furloughed or indirectly impacted otherwise. YHC decided that it was clearly time to build a wall, somehow, someway, since that’s what this whole thing seems to be about, so that’s what we did!  The following is a mostly a true story…

WU: SSH, Imperial Walker, Jumping Little Baby Arm Circles forward and rear.  Time to scoot.

The Thang: The wall obviously had to be big and strong, mostly because it was being built by F3 men, and well… as Noodle might say, nuff said! So first, the materials had to be gathered.

The PAX moseyed to the corner of Yorktown and 28th, where conveniently, someone had left a cinder block. While not steel, we all figured it would work just fine for our wall, and so after 5 x burpees to celebrate its discovery, we secured it and moved along to…

Base of the 30th street hill.  Miraculously, another cinder block was discovered, and we were next to a hill. What are hills good for?  Nothing but running up and down them, so half the PAX started running up while the other half did burpees! Flapjack and then we moved on for more building materials to…

The Rock Spring Park Pavilion. Lo and behold there was another cinder block waiting for the PAX!  All were elated and the PAX burst into spontaneous dips and derkins — 15 each. It was truly beautiful, especially watching Buffet and Jenner perform narrow grip dips on the cinder blocks themselves. If you haven’t ever done narrow grip dips… it’s actually probably a good thing for your shoulders. Hey, we said up front we aren’t professionals!! After the excitement subsided, we moseyed onward with three blocks for our wall to…

A quick rest break atop one of the many hills on Williamsburg Blvd and conveniently next to Poe’s van. I’m sure Poe (and a few others) considered jumping in to complete the journey, but alas, all chose to complete it on foot. While the PAX consolidated, all completed body weight squats, passing the (3 so far) blocks to the right, or left, or whatever works so that each PAX got 3 x squats with the block each.

Moving along, we stopped at Discovery Elementary School where yet another wall part awaited our arrival. Again, it was a cinder-friend, and again the PAX rejoiced. This time with a quick step up and derkin combo – 10 each.  Time to mosey to…

The indistinct corner of Little Falls and Harrison. Another cinder block and another opportunity to excel! 20 x flutter kicks for all! Continue the mosey to…

Chestnut Hills Park where the PAX accepted what would be the last block on our journey. More dips and derkins — 20 each and off we went again to a consolidation point and just a bit more fun. All blocks overhead and squat. Pass the block to the right after each squat.

Mosey to the end point, where we would build our wall! Only six cinder blocks, but the point was made! It takes more than a wall to stop the men of F3, and Jenner proved it by super jumping over it in a single bound.

After a quick Mary — 25 x LBC, 25 x flutter kick and 15 x WWIIs it was time to finish.

Announcements: Welcome FNG Moonwalk!!

Also, Grow Ruck 14 is coming up fast! Mar 22-24 in Richmond. It’s going to be a really amazing event. There will be a call Thursday at 8:30pm for those that aren’t sure about this whole Go Ruck thing.

COT: Thanks to all who came out to share in the frigid gloom. There are real people who are stressed about this shutdown and there are leaders across government and industry that are struggling. It is the job of the leader to keep his team together through thick and thin. Sometimes that means bringing some levity to the situation, sometimes it means bringing strength. Positive attitude is critical no matter what, and that’s what each of us need to do this day — bring some positive attitude! Go out and make the world a little bit better in your corner. Be a better employee, boss, father, son, friend or colleague. We are all leaders and we all make a difference.


screen shot 2019-01-13 at 12.46.24 pm


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