Hurdles getting to the Circus

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Jenner

PAX: Deflator, Laslo, Wham-O, Poe, Dr. D, Lucius, Bone, Major Payne, Noodle, and FNGs Good Year and Villa

WARM UP: SSH; Imperial Walkers; High Knees Tap; Windmills. Run the stairs and half of the stadium stopping behind the field house for Arm Circles; Air Pushes. Finish running the stadium.

SECONDARY GOAL: Similar to Deflator’s Kiss My Grits audible, at any time, yell a name for that man to lead the PAX in 10x LMAs (LBCs, Merkins, Air Squats). Goal is to reach the monthly challenge’s daily 100x LMA.


Hurdle Mobility Progression: Each PAX grabs a hurdle and carries it above the shoulders to the corner of the track by the stairs. Place 5 hurdles in lane #6 and 5 hurdles in lane #3. Each hurdle is placed behind the next one 5 feet apart at the base.

  1. Run Stairs then 5x Right leg swing skip then 5x Left leg swing skip
  2. Repeat above steps then 5x Right leg skip over then 5x Left leg skip over
  3. Repeat above steps then 5x Alternating leg skip over and then Alternating leg skip over pausing with high knee (at 90 degrees) in the middle for a 3 count
  4. Repeat above steps then 10x hop overs. Mention that a modifer is to hop over the along side the hurdle. Look back and see if anyone who doesn’t modify eat plastic hurdle as the quads start to give out.

Circus Progression: Mosey over to the end zone and line up behind the green cone.

  1. Gorilla Crawl to 10yd line
  2. Repeat above steps and then Frog Jump over the cones to 20 yd line
  3. Repeat above steps and then Butt Scoot back to 10 yd line in-between cones (if there are any bocci balls at the start, carry one with you)
  4. Repeat above steps and then Bear Crawl pushing bocci ball along the rope to the 20
  5. Repeat above steps and then Spider Crawl to the 30 (time permitting)
  6. Repeat above steps and then Inch Worm to the 40 (time has got to be expiring)

MARY: PAX choice of Corkscrew, Flutter Kicks, American Twists, and Bonnie’s Torture

COT:   As I was thinking about how I would be leading the PAX today through life’s hurdles and on to some fun animal-like activities as if it were the circus, I realized some PAX may have to modify and stray from the path so to speak. Then I remember my father telling me an ancestor’s gravestone said “As I am now so you shall be, so be prepared to follow me.” Then a gravestone that was put next to it said, “I will not be bent, until I know which way you went.” Basically, I take this as follow great leaders that have the same core values as you. Don’t blindly follow leaders that veer from the path and steer you away from your core values. So whether you are the leader or have influence over leaders around you, ensure that the vision is communicated and try to have everyone align to the same core values and no matter what, remain true, strong, and steadfast in your own beliefs.

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