Testing our mental toughness to Bear the Bear

AO: Olympus

QIC: Hightower

PAX: NAFTA, Roddick, Fishfry, HT

30 cadence SSH, Baby Arm Circles forward & reverse, Good Mornings, WMH, Calf stretch, 20 Merkins.

The Thang:
PAX took fellowship jog to honor local hero Army Staff Sergeant Shurer, recent recipient of Medal of Honor. Once there 50 air squats. Then continued jog to entrance of Lake Braddock, then 20 Derkins. Again continued jog around lake until arrived at playground, here split into 2 groups: group 1 :10 pull-ups, while group 2 feet on swings for leg crunches, then swap, Rinse & Repeat for 2 rounds.
Continued jog to top of earth dam, here PAX took on mental & physical challenge to Bear the Bear, 1/4 mile bear crawl across earth dam. Took sometime but we all made it across!! PAX needed time to recover!
Then PAX completed the full circle around lake, as we checked out options for logs to bring back next time, then jogged back to Olympus.

25 cadence Flutter kicks, 25 little baby crunches, 25 box cutters, 10 forward leaning leg lifts.

COT: When we all woke up this morning, no one wanted to come outside in the cold and rain. But it’s because of the spirit of F3 that we overcome those feelings, to join each other outside. As the days get shorter and weather gets worse, each of us will be challenged to continue our commitments. Very thankful for the brotherhood and support from each PAX.

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