No More Gettin Up

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Horsepunch

The PAX: Subprime, Dr. D, 90210, Maj Payne, Mayberry (DR PAX), Prenup, Deflator, Flutie Flakes (DR PAX Mustard Seed), Sludge, Fish Fry, Space Monkey (DR PAX F3 Hampton Roads), FNG Puddle Pirate, Jenner, Bone, Lucius.

17 PAX posted in the gloom to be horsepunched this A.M., and that is what they got!

Warm Up: SSH, WMH, IW, Merkins and recover.

The Thang: Begin in the lower left.

This is the last time the PAX will stand up for this workout. No more gettin up!! Begin with yer 100 yd bear crawl  (or crawl bear for Dr. D) to the opposite end zone. Then…

  • Side toe to hand plank (x20)
  • Boat canoe (x15)
  • Soccer ball circle throw (x20)
  • Shooting star plank (x15)
  • Soccer ball v-ups (x10)
  • Superman (x10)
  • LBC (x50)

Panther Walk across end zone. This is much different than a bear walk, because it’s a panther.  Two completely different animals that only look similar when you’re drunk or tired. Keep your butts down!! Then move right into…

  • Flutter kicks (x25)
  • Reverse hold crunch (x25)
  • R knee crunch (x20)
  • L knee crunch (x20)
  • Mountain climbers (x20)
  • Plank knee to elbow w/ windshield wiper (x20)
  • Roach crunch (x20)

Another 100 yd bear crawl. It’s so much easier the second time. Thank you may I have another!  Straight into…

  • Plank jacks (x25)
  • Shoulder tap planks (x25)
  • American twists (x20)
  • Bonni torture (x10)
  • Arms high crunch (x10)
  • Wheel of fire
  • Ring of fire

After nearly 4 hours of planking, almost finished. Just a simple crab walk to start. And then…

  • Cement block leg raises (x10)
  • Sit-up to hip thruster (x10)
  • Plank (high R/L, low R/L)
  • Cement block heel ups
  • Superman rollover
  • Straight leg cement block sit up
  • Heel touches


COT: We all have faith, and some choose to state it publicly, while others remain private. Either way, we all follow through with our intentions and strive to make the world a better place. Today, get out there, have faith, and make an impact in whatever you do!

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