Circuit of Cinder Block

AO: the Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Prenup, Dr. Dandelion, Noodle, Speedo, 90210, Lucius, Sludge, Jenner, DR PAX from F3 Columbia Eldrick!

10 PAX posted strong in the gloom on this 10th day of the 10th month. YHC was glad to be back from a month away, and knew it would be a special morning when Speedo emerged from his long bout of fart sacking to rejoin the pack. Here’s what we did…

WU: Wanted to make sure everyone was limber, and since Side Straddle Hops seem to help with that, we focused on completing a total of 100!

10 x SSH
10 x Willie Mays Heys
20 x SSH
10 x Imperial Walkers
30 x SSH
10 x Slow Merkins
40 x SSH

The Thang: Count off, 1-4 to make four groups total. Two workout stations around the track. First station at the formation area (near) corner, second station on the opposite side caddy corner. At any given time, 2 groups exercising at a station and the other 2 groups traveling between stations. Once every man in the traveling group arrives at the next station, release the group that is exercising and take over. At the station, AMRAP the designated exercise until the next group releases you. Rinse and repeat until the Q calls the halt.

Round 1:
Station A – bent over Rows with a Cinder Block
Station B – Diamond Merkins
Travel – Run 200m
Each group completed the circuit 2 times.

Round 2:
Station A – squat thrusters with a Cinder Block
Station B – Carolina Dry Docks
Travel – Run 200m
Each group completed the circuit 2 times.
Recover all pax to start point

Round 3:
Slide station B to opposite end of field (instead of caddy corner).
Station A – curls with a Cinder Block
Station B – Hand Release Merkins
Travel – 50-ish meters or yards, whatever your persuasion…of bear crawl, then mosey second 50-ish meters or yards. It might’ve been 60 since we started and finished at the end of each end zone. Too early in the morning for advanced math like that. YHC noticed that the mumblechatter was building, which meant that things were progressing perfectly.

Each group completed the circuit 2 times.

All gather back together at the start, then pair up, size matters. Single lap around the track buddy carry. Switch as necessary.

Bring it in for a very quick round of Mary:
10 x WWII
15 x Flutter Kick
and a ring of fire (5 Merkins ea) to complete the workout!

COT: YHC has been away for about a month at a course and was reminded there of something that F3 teaches every day — that we operate best as a team. It takes more than a simple group of PAX for anything special to truly form. The group must bond into a team, a brotherhood, through some kind of challenge. For us, it’s the shared pain, the breaking down and building up that we experience together in the gloom. Through that common experience, we form bonds that will serve us all when we need it. Remember to lean on those bonds and to lock shields when necessary. We all need to on occasion. Use those bonds to go out into the world and be the better brother, father, husband, co-worker or boss! Amen and Aye!

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