Highlight Reel

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Prince Harry

The PAX: Prince Harry, Noodle, Hightower, Lucius, Bone, Jenner and FNG Oops

Warmup: Two laps to start then moving around the circle for warmups – SSH, Hillbillys (knee to elbow), cross stretch (tap each foot with opposite hand) and arm stretches.

The Thang:
Copying two bits from previous workouts we started with a highlight from the Durham crew. Start off on the sidelines, 5 wolverines, bear crawl across, 4 wolverines, gorilla walk back, 3 wolverines, crab walk across switching direction halfway, 2 wolverines, duck walk halfway, finish with lunges and 1 wolverine.

Next moving over to the end zone, we picked up a partner exercise ~10 minutes of alternating between 10, 20, 30 yard shuttle runs and cinderblock curls and goblet thrusters.

Ending with 10 mins of mary we went around the circle with little bitty crunches, box cutters, noodle ups (one leg crossed crunches), butt lifts, ring of fire (circle of 5 Merkins each), flutter kicks and shoulder taps.

CoT: Appreciate you all coming out here this morning. We do a lot of exercises I would otherwise not encounter and that is due to everyone making it out and bringing new ideas to make us physically and mentally stronger. Thanks for the hard work today and have a great week!

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