Soot Summer Special #2

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Soot

The PAX: Soot, Subprime, 90210, Deflater, Dr. D, Prenup, Horse Punch, Lucius, Noodle, Le Pew (FNG)

THE SCENE: Cool, dark morning

• SSH x20
• Baby Arm Circles x12 (each direction)
• Tempo Merkins x10
• Prone Rows x10
• Cherry Pickers x7
• Windmills x7
• Tempo Squat x10
• Single-leg Straight-leg Deadlift x5 (each leg)

2 Rounds:
• Partner Presses x10
• Lunge 50 yards
• Sprint 50 yards
2 Rounds:
• Partner Lat Raises x10
• Buddy Carry 50yards
Lunge 100 yards
Bear Crawl 100 yards
The Blue Devil
• 1 min run, 1 min burpees, 1 min run
• 45 sec burpees, 45 sec run, 45 sec burpees
• 30 sec run, 30 sec burpees, 30 sec run
• 15 sec burpees, 15 sec run, 15 sec burpees

Merkin Ring of Fire to 6
10 Merkins


What you feed grows, what you starve dies! Feed the things in life that will steady your aim and increase your impact (marriage, family, community, education, workplace, spiritual disciplines, etc.). Starve the things that distract and destroy (bad habits/addictions, unchecked emotions, unhealthy relationships/environments, ego, etc).

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