Thunder but no Rain

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Flutie Flakes

The PAX: Hightower, Fish Fry, Speedo, Prince Harry, Breech, Soot, Flutie Flakes (Q)

6 Yorktown Vets and one Site FNG (Breech) decided to skip the Fatrsack and showed up (knowingly or unknowingly) for my AO VQ. Here’s what happened:

Warm Up:


IW X 15

Peter Parker x10

Parker Peter x10

Merkin x10

Low Slow Squat x 20

Partner Work:

Choose a partner, size does not matter

Up and Over (X10)
Partner 1 Plank while Partner 2 jumps over out-stretched legs and then army crawls under Partner 1. Flapjack

Partner Hand Slap Merkins (X20)
High 5 on the up

Leg Throws (x10)
Partner 1 gets on his Six and reaches behind him to grab the ankles of partner 2, who is standing above him at his head. Keeping ;the legs as strait as possible, Partner 1 throws Partner 2 legs to the ground. Left, center, right…That’s one. Do 10, then Flapjack

Musical Interlude: Thunderstruck

SSH during entirety of the song, except when you hear “thunder” do a Burpee (yes, it sucks!)

Mosey to track

Catch me if you can (1 lap)
Partner 1 runs, Partner2 does 5 Merkins and sprints after P1. When he catches him, P2 does 5 Merkins.

Mosey to the Wall

People’s Chair with Shoulder Press

Bals to the Wall and 5 Merkins

Donkey Kicks (x15)

People’s Chair with alternating Leg Raises

Mosey back to Center circle

Jack Webb ladder
1 Merkin, 4 shoulder presses; 2 Merkins 8 presses….Up to 7 Merkins and 28 presses and back down

Round of Mary

COT with Video Name-o-Rama


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