F3 101

DATE: 2023-04-22
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: McCallister, Shakira (George)
FNGs: Blart
WARMUP: Long disclaimer and tutorial since we were 50% FNGs. Then SSH, LBAC, Imperial Walkers.

Partner Drills:
PAX 1 completes an exercise until PAX 2 returns from a 150m run. Flapjack. Exercises were: box jumps, derkins, flutter kicks, then all 3 combined.

PAX did a movement, then an exercise, then ran back.
100 yard sprint with 100 LBCs.
80 yard backwards sprint with 80 calf raises.
60 yard walking lunges with 60 seal claps.
40 yard bear crawl with 40 American Hammers.
20 yard traveling burpees with 20 shoulder tap IC.

Represented the 5 core principles in workout form:
Free: Johnny Cash
Open to All Men: Manmakers (sans weight)
Outdoors, Rain or Shine: Windshield Wipers
Peer-Led On a Rotating Basis: All the PAX present led a workout (freddie mercuries, LBCs, plank) Ends with a COT: Ab circles (of trust?)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Get on slack.

COT: Took a moment of silence, reflecting on 1 thing we’re grateful for and 1 way we can serve today.

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