Coupon Delivery

DATE: 2023-04-15
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: Spalding, Legacy, bogey
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Started with the mission and 5 core principles that YHC now has memorized after GTE. Then continued with SSH, imperial walkers, LBAC, and Moroccan night clubs.

After a brief warmup, PAX moseyed to YHC’s house to pick up 4 coupons and haul them back to the AO. From there, we completed a few rounds of stations:

Circuit 1:
PAX were split between stations of Coupon overhead press, burpees, and an ab exercise that YHC cannot remember at this time. 4th PAX did a 60 yard out and back sprint. When the runner got back, the PAX rotated. Completed 3 full rounds. Circuit 2:
Same format, but with coupon swings, flutter kicks, and Peter Parkers. Timer was a 20 yard lunge walk. Again, PAX completed 3 rounds.
Circuit 3: All together, PAX completed 5 manmakers, 10 coupon squats, 15 coupon WWIIs, 20 coupon curls, and 50 yard out and back sprint.

PAX kindly moseyed back (much more slowly this time) to YHC’s house to return the coupons.

MARY: American hammers.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s camp. Dolly Sods. Murph.
COT: YHC reading a book on St. Joseph, earthly father of Jesus. He’s an archetype of leading with both strength and humility. He was decisive, led and protected his family, and did his duty as a father and husband. He never got to see the full fruits of his work (Joseph died before Jesus began his ministry), but that doesn’t take away from the incredible fruits of his labor. He did his job well. My prayer is that we can have the humility of St. Joseph to do our jobs for our families and our communities without seeking praise or attention, but simply for their love.

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