2.0 Beatdown

DATE: 2023-04-15
AO: Aerie
Q: Stewie
PAX: Rocketman, Passport, Lonestar, Haggis, Yellow Jacket, Renaissance FNGs: All the 2.0’s
WARMUP: circled up for Dads Ring of Fire

– Cherry Pickers
– Goofball
– Windmill
– Batwings
– Penguins
– Mountain Climbers
– Cherry pickers
– Hillbilly
– Dad plank with 2.0s on the back
– Shark

MoM theme: At the Zoo

1. Bear crawl
2. Duckwalk
3. Kangaroo
4. Gorilla walk
5. Cheeta
6. Crabwalk


1. Ultimate freeze ball. Like ultimate frizbee but with a squishy ball that does not bust noses. If move after catch do 5 Merkins. If you drop then other teams ball

2. Tried to play freeze tag with pool foam melt/freeze but quickly morphed into a jedi-like lightsaber war so pivoted to Sharks and minnows

3. Red light green light

MARY: none

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 BD possibly a monthly thing?

COT: Tried to wrap up due to the light rain. Afterward several folk took advantage of the adjacent playground.

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