Birthday Beatdown

DATE: 2023-03-29
AO: Aerie
Q: Lonestar
PAX: Chasqui, Rocketman, Stewie, Yellow Jacket
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey, side straddle hops, picking cherries, Michael Phelps THE THANG: 51 is the Theme
“Why can’t this be love” Van Halen
5 jump squats + 1 burpee for duration of song. Completed 14 reps 51 Merkins

“Love Walks In” Van Halen
51 yd distance with rifle carry, suitcase carry, walking Curls for the Girls (alternate for song) 51 second hand stand

“Dreams” Van Halen
25 1/2 yds distance
Lunges, crab walk, standing broad jump, bear crawl alternating 51 calf raises

“5150” Dirks Bentley
Abs duration of song
51 second plank, into freddie Mercury, big boy, flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: women’s beat down with Mrs Rocketman coming up & kids beat down on April 15

COT: from the book Freed to Lead – the aller about the 4 stages of crew race and how corresponds with 4 stages of life

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