Cindy – Coast 2 Coast

DATE: 2023-03-22
AO: Compound
Q: Rambler
PAX: Hightower, YNAB, Doodles, Peanuts, Wapner (F3 Cape Fear), Zeus, Roddick FNGs: None
WARMUP: s-s-hop, c-pickers, oh press, d-dog, c-kai
THE THANG: farmer carry block to goal from ctr. 4 burpees. partner rotate bear crawl up hill /crawl bear down hill while alt partner does oh press, curls, set-curl-oh press. pax murder bunny to 50. 8 burpees, 8 squat jump, 8 WW2 w block. bear crawl to other goal with block. at other end 4 burpees. partner events. plank/merkins-15r, WWII w block toe to toe-15r, plank/merkins-15r, no surrender w block-5. farmer carry to 50. 8 burpees.
MARY: dead starfish, 48 lbc, superman’s, Zeus abs, situp w block, scissor kick, hip thrust, social bear circle, kettle bells end with shuffle around the field. ANNOUNCEMENTS: gre
COT: thankful for all I have. this group is a blessing and foundation for when life throws some wrenches. lean on your friends when you need to get through the tough stuff.

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