March Madness…Numbers

DATE: 2023-03-21
AO: Atlantis
Q: True North
PAX: Deflator, Infinity, Hammerhead, King Tut, True North
FNGs: None
64 side straddle hops
32 pistol squat right leg
32 pistol squat left leg
16 Bobby hurley strong arm
16 Bobby hurley weak arm

Karaoke followed by Indian run down the boardwalk to pick up rip rap coupons

16 Pistons, switch coupons
Cusack with coupons to dock
16 bicep curls, switch coupons
Cusack to end of dock
16 chest presses
Cusack to top
16 big boy situps, switch coupons

Cusack the stadium steps, then Elite 8 series:
0x burpees bottom
8x dolphin crunch top. Repeat with ascending/descending reps until 8 burpees

Final “four”
Repeat piston series, then burpee Indian run back
MARY: ring of fire 10x merkins, 16x leg lifts, 10x hand raise merkins, 1x bohemian rhapsody ANNOUNCEMENTS: convergence on a Saturday coming up
COT: let God handle the problems you’re tempted to solve all by yourself, especially the ones tempting you to stay up late with your mind racing. If He can rise from the dead, He can handle whatever it is.

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