Ruck Workout #6

DATE: 2023-03-08
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Major Payne
PAX: Magoo, Anchor Man, Lazlo, SPINAL TAP, Purple Rain, sticks, Gherkin, Kodiak, Old Bay, Median FNGs: Attache
20 SSH
10 IW
10 WMH
10 Cherry Pickers
10 LBACs front and rear
10 Merkins
10 HRPUs

The Thang:
30 yd bear crawl w/ruck, 20 yd lunge walk w/ruck, pick up 60#-80# sandbag (at 50 yd line) and ruck 150 yds (rest of field and then 100 yds back to start), then drop sandbag and fast travel lap around field – no straps allowed for rucks (if no ruck, carry a coupon).

Round 2 will start with 150 yd sandbag carry, then 20 yd lunge walk, then 30 yd bear crawl before the fast travel lap, which is done as a rifle carry (ruck or coupon)

Grab rucks/coupons
15 Ruck Swings
15 Overhead Press
15 Coupon Squats
10 Ruck lunges in cadence

Sandbag Pairs Relay: Pair up. One 60# sandbag per pair (or 80# if Wallace and Lazlo). PAX take turns moving 60# sandbags 50 yards via the clean-and-toss method.

Sandbag Bucket Brigade: The PAX split into two teams, then move sandbags 50 yards via the bucket-brigade method. After passing off the sandbag, rear PAX run to the front of the team (Ricky Bobby style), to keep the bags moving.

Circle up for 2 min HRPUs

Mary: 25 x Flutter kicks

Announcements: Still time to sign up for GrowRuck 35! If cost is an issue for you, please DM me! We have scholarships available!

COT: Get Right.

Picture a man capsized in his boat, drifting aimlessly down the river of life. In order for him to have any control over his path forward (beyond the never ending currents of the river) he must get back in the boat. He must get right. Getting right is a never ending struggle that every man must commit to so that he can live right, lead right and finally leave right. To get right, we must take steps to improve that 1% every day. Coming out to make ourselves physically stronger is part of it, but it also involves our mental and spiritual pursuits as well. Keep pushing forward every day in all aspects of your life!


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