7 Diamond Pain

DATE: 2023-02-21
AO: Freestate
Q: Dungeon Master (Amon)
PAX: Butter, Cannoli, CashOnly, Deagle, FIFA, Horshack, Winston FNGs: Brony, Dave Matthews
SSH x 25 IC
Swingbillies x15 IC
Hairy Rockettes 15 IC
Carolina Dry Docks x 15 OMC
Arm circles – 10 OMC
Windmills x 10 IC
Cherr pickers x 15 IC

Mosey to field


7 of Diamonds – exercise at each of the 4 corners, mosey in between Round 1, 7x burpees at each corner
Round 2, 14x four count flutter kicks at each corner.
Round 3, 21x merkins at each corner.
Round 4, 28x squats at each corner.
Round 5, 21x SSHs at each of the 4 corners
Round 6, 14x big boy situps at each of the 4 corners.
Round 7, composite round: 7x burpees, 14x flutters, 21x squats, 14x Merkins

Mosey to parking lot

X-factors x 15 IC
American Hammer x 15 IC
Baby crunches x 20 IC
Scissors x 10 IC

2/23 thirsty Thursday at Irish Inn


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