Mosey and Plyos

DATE: 2023-02-09
AO: Highlands
Q: Armstrong
PAX: Hard Knox, Jag, Toolbox, XL
FNGs: French Press
WARMUP: motivators and grass grabbers
mosey to long bridge park

At the stairs
Every step – 1 min
Sprint – 1 min
Right foot – 1 min
Left foot – 1 min
Bunny hops – 1 min
Leap frogs – 1 min

Piggy backs 2 mins
Wheel barrows 2 mins
Crawl Bears 2 mins

Mosey back to highlands

MARY: plank with modification, dead bugs
COT: Think back to when you didn’t have F3 and what a positive impact it has had on your life. Appreciate what you have and make sure to give it away.

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