The Dora 700

DATE: 2023-01-30
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: 3 mile, Gherkin, Kodiak, Poe, Purple Rain, vplaxico
FNGs: Attaché, FNG Trifecta
WARMUP: M Phelps, Abe vigoda, SSH, redneck Walker, CP/WMH, D Dog, Cobra, Childs pose, Worlds greatest stretch, choice THE THANG: pair up Dora-style
50 Blockees – Run
100 Merkins of choice – Bear Crawl
150 Chest Press – Railroad Ties
150 Couon squats – Carioca
150 seal claps – Frankenstein
100 Breakdancers – Murder bunnies

MARY: Flutters, J Lo, F Mercury
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Super Bowl Squares, Super Bowl party, etc.

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