Superhero Workout

DATE: 2023-01-23
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Major Payne, Horshack, Sparky, Faceplant, Matthew – Running Man FNGs: None
WarmUp: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixotes, Beet Pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, and LBACs with leg raised.

The Thang: Marvel Super Heroes
7 Rounds of
– Merkin variation (straight, stagger, Peter Parker, HRR, Clapping, reverse, diamond)
– Squat/Lunge variation (Regular, Copperhead, Jumping, Infinity, Glute Bridge, Hulk Smashers, Iron Blast, War Machine) – Full-body exercises (Burpees, Bear Crawl, Break Dancers, Crab Walk)

– Hulk Smashers (Rev. Lunges with same fist to ground as leg extended back) – Infinity Squats (Squat Jacks with palms extended out front at bottom of squat) – Iron Blast (Fwd Lunges with upright row (arms back in the bottom position))
– War Machines (Fwd lunges to each side with opposite fist to ground as leg extended fwd)

Mary: Captain Thors (1:4 ratio of Sit-ups to American Hammers), Side Crunches, and Flutter Kicks.

Shame and fear are two emotions that I have used in the past without success. They only drive us farther from our goals and from God. From our earliest recorded history in the Bible, the first human emotion Adam & Eve felt was shame, and it caused them to distance themselves (hide) from God. Take an inventory of your methods used to try to motivate change in yourself and others to see if shame and fear are part of your inventory. I am sorry to say that I used shame and fear unsuccessfully on my 2.0, and, although it made me felt justified, those emotions did not bring about real change.

But avoiding shame and fear does not mean that anything goes. There is a lot of middle space between shame and justification. When God found Adam & Eve in a state of shame, he helped them through it by giving them commitments. It is through commitment that we can really bring about change in ourselves and others. Be committed to improving even if you mess up or things don’t work out. Don’t let shame drag you or others down into the pit of stagnation on self-improvement and in inspiring others to be better.

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