No Horizon

DATE: 2023-01-23
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Kodiak, sticks, Yardbird, Mr Haand, Lazlo
FNGs: Purple Rain, Gerkin
WARMUP: SSH, squats, down dog, rockettes, greatest stretch, arm circles, mosey THE THANG:

Partner Up at the touch line 125 meters and then 125 meters back.

Round 1: Partner A: 1 burpee/3 leaps and continue until overtaken by Partner B. partner B 50 lbcs then run and overtake Partner B

Round 2: Partner A: bear crawl, partner B 10 X-factors. Continue pattern of Rd 1

Round 3: Partner A: lunge walk; Partner B: 20 Merkins
Continue pattern of Rd 1

Round 4: Partner A: gorilla walk; Partner B: 5 burpees; continue pattern of Rd 1

MARY: Freddie Mercury, toy soldiers, merkins, burpees, box cutters ANNOUNCEMENTS:
COT: Build for Purpose, not for Profit.

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